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2011/04/12 (Tue) イケてない一日

3 things we learn when we enter Kindergarten

1, Do not fight

2, Do not make other people feel bad

3, (if ever. above 2 things happen), Say sorry intantly.

We all learn these things at Kindergarten.
All the adults told us so.


why is there a war?

It makes everyone sad, and noone happy.

EVERYONE knows, it's bad.
Noone wants to kill anyone,
Noone wants to lose anyone.

What can we do???
Why can't we make everyone smile??

The cause of eveyone's sadness is simple,
what everyone wants, is very simple, to smile, to be happy.

But somehow, it is very very complicated, very much tungled..

I don't understand...

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When I think of my future, or, what awaits me ahead,
I doubt myself.

That doesn't meaan I don't have a faith in me,
it simply means,
nothing more, nothing less.

Doubt, the decision I've made.
Doubt, my capability,
Doubt, my capacitiy,
Doubt, everything that I've believed in.

Have I been overestimating myself?

I will, and I know I can, finish the task that has to be done.
But can it ever reach the standard I can satisfy?

And that's when I start doubting myself.

What is my dream?
Can it ever be reached?
What can I do?
What can I do to get even an inch closer to that dream?
Will it be dream forever?
or Can it ever become "reality"?

I think I'm gonna need some thinking.

Gosh, I hate doubting myself.
It feels really sick.

If I can't trust myself 100%, who else can?
If I can't love myself 100%, who else can?

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Maybe,, and maybe, I wasn't living the "standard" life.
Maybe,, and maybe, I was positioned in the "all the others"
Maybe,, and maybe, I was the minority.

Was I?
Am I?

What I'm trying to say is, that, I'm beginning to see all the other life around me.
Beginning to realise that there are so many other "things" to do, "places" to be, "people" to meet, "jobs" to work.

And, seeing them is realising how wrong I had been.

That's a progress, right?
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Don't draw the line,
don't draw the line,
don't draw the line,

Do not draw the fricking line, I said!

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Everything is changing.

Will I ever be able to be "me" again?

That music, that scent, that coffee, that place, that picture,
all the things I used to love,

I don't want to hear a note of that music,
never want to smell that perfume,
no more cappuccino I shall drink,
never using that street again, nor glancing at it,
tearing that photo off the wall.

With a sorrow, I can't love them anymore.
They now bring me back the memory of that
bitterness, that sadness, that melancholic feeling.

Just like that.

A little flower that blooms on a street, a smell of freshly mowed lawn, or the sharpness of the air you feel in the night time.
That little book you may see on the bookshelf of just about any bookstore in the city, that movie, that car, that weather, that bread,
it may not mean anything to anyone, but to me, it surely means something.

When you keep going on with your full-of-ups-and-downs-life, each and every little thing starts having "meanings".
Sometimes, bitter, sometimes sweet.

You can't avoid it,
or should I say,
I can't avoid it??

I have now so many "used-to-be-favourite" things.
I used to love them, now I don't,
however, it works vice-versa.

So when I come to the end of my long journey called "life", I want to have more "favourites" than "unfavourites".

I may not be able to drink cappuccino anymore, but want to be able to drink latte and espresso and cafe au lait.
I may not want to see the cologne of Bvlgari, but I still enjoy Burberry, D&G, Armani.

I will not let someone, or some incident to ruin my whole life.

Will I ever be "me" again?
The answer is "no".
I won't be "me" of yesterday, but will be "me" of today.

Do you get what I mean?

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift
That's why they call it present

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